Sports & Activities

Here at Moscow Middle School we offer a wide variety of activities for our students. From sports to academics to hobbies, both competitive and non-competitive, we have something for everyone. Some activities even involve school community service. To learn more about the various opportunities available check the links below.

Academic Teams and Schedules We have several academic teams that compete both locally and regionally. This link will take you to a list of the teams and their schedules, as well as who to contact if you would like to find out more information.
Clubs There are a variety of clubs designed to meet the interests of our students. These groups range from arts and crafts to environmental awareness.
Fuel Up To Play 60 Fuel Up is a student lead organization that focuses on nutrition and physical activity. Their goal is to encourage all students to make healthy eating choices as well as be active every day.
Sports Teams and Schedules The schedule for each of our sports seasons as well as their game schedules can be found here.
Sports Forms and Links All the information and forms you will need for your students to participate in competitive sports are available here.