Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 10/07/19

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 10/07/19

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work with TeacherEase to get it to do what we would like it to.  In any reporting system it is important that students and parents know when progress is not where we want it to be and what to do about it.  It is also important to know when things are going well.  We are working in both these areas to be as clear as possible, knowing it takes time for everyone to get used to this change.  You may have already noticed a change in TeacherEase.  The program was displaying a red 'Not Meeting' status bar in situations where that really wasn't the case, causing confusion and concern for both students and parents.  The red bar has been removed from any display that you will see due to the confusion it caused.  The ultimate goal is that students are proficient in each of the competencies listed in a course, signified by a score of 3 or higher.  It is not unusual to see 2's at times as students work toward proficiency, letting the student know they are just not there yet.  A persistence of 2's on a particular competency warrants additional attention.  Likewise, 1's are typically a sign that more attention, effort etc. is needed.  In these cases you should be seeing messages indicating what the issues are, and you can always contact a teacher if you would like.  This week teachers are putting together progress reports for students who are demonstrating they are not making progress as quickly as expected, and for a variety of reasons.  These will be sent home in the mail later this week so that you have additional information.  Please check messages you may be getting in TeacherEase and contact us if you have questions.  Our goal is to partner with you in support of your child/children.  Once again, this system represents a bit of a shift in mindset, which takes a little while.  Thank you for the questions and for your support of your children.

PST Corner:  Our first PST meeting is this Tuesday, Oct. 8, at 5:30 pm in the music room.  Hope to see you there!

On the calendar this week:

Monday, Oct. 7                    A Volleyball v. Lapwai: 7th – 4:30, 8th – to follow, MHS gym

Tuesday, Oct. 8                  Healthy Youth Survey, Grades 6 and 8 during PE and Health classes

Tuesday, Oct. 8                  No 6th Grade Volleyball Practice

Tuesday, Oct 8                   PST First Meeting, 5:30 pm, Music Room

Wednesday, Oct. 9            7, 8 Football @ Pullman, 4 pm start for 7th, 8th to follow.  

Thursday, Oct. 10              Cross Country at Troy Invitational, 3:45 pm start

Thursday, Oct. 10              B Volleyball v. Logos:  M2 v K3 – 4:30, M1 v K2 – 5:30, M3 v K1 – 6:30  MHS

Friday, Oct. 11                    6th Volleyball Match:  3:45 pm, Bear Den

Have a great week!

Bill Holman