Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 09/20/21

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 09/20/21

Dear Parents and Guardians:  

We enjoyed our first five day school week for the year (and it has been a while since we had one!)  It was a full one, including a number of athletic events. The A volleyball teams were successful against Lapwai to start the week.  The 7th and 8th grade football teams both enjoyed home victories against Sandpoint Middle School in our first ever meeting at this level.  Nearly 40 cheerleaders put on a terrific show at those games as well.  Our B volleyball teams kicked their season off with an inter-squad scrimmage on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning our cross country boys and girls took team titles at the Asotin Invitational, with many great performances and individual first place finishes by Connor Horne and and Anna Lynn.  Thank you to all of our students in those activities! 

Social Media Influence -  You may have heard that we experienced some vandalism this past week at MMS.  I maintain that we have great kids here at MMS, but even great kids can be negatively influenced if they let their guard down.  There is a TikTok challenge (search 'Devious Licks TikTok' for a lot of info on this and resulting nationwide school damage) that is inspiring kids to damage property and to steal items from their school and/or teachers.  We have had a couple hundred dollars worth of damage/theft so far, and I made a very pointed school-wide announcement last Thursday morning to address the issue.  I informed students that vandalism and theft are illegal and would be dealt with accordingly and I reencouraged them all to demonstrate their Cub Pride by resisting such influences. I also reminded students that activity on cell phones is retrievable if necessary and that videoing themselves or others committing crimes can make it pretty easy to prove that something happened. We are more closely tracking student trips out of classrooms so that we can pinpoint the source of damage if it continues.  Our hope for all our students, as we help them through these challenging years, is that they are able to resist influences such as these and not do things that may negatively impact their present or future. It is always helpful when you as parents let your children know when we have communicated about such things as this.  Kids tend to make better decisions when they know that the cards are out on the table, so to speak. Social media influence has made it more difficult to parent, to manage schools and to be a kid in this day and age.  Thank you for your help and support, and we'll keep working together to help all our kids get through these challenges safely.  Please contact me if you have questions, as always.

Grade Level Events -  Last spring we calendared some powerful events designed to provide tools and team building at each grade level, with the hope that the local pandemic circumstance would allow them to safely take place as planned.  These events are 6th Grade PRIDE, 7th Grade Respect and Responsibility (R & R, for short) and 8th Grade Core.  All of these events involve processes that require students to be in close contact at times.  After much consideration I am temporarily postponing these events until our local Covid situation improves.  In the meantime, our teachers and MSD Prevention Coordinator Mandy Strey are and will continue to implement practices that provide guidance and social emotional support in ways that are also safe.  We will keep you posted about rescheduling the above events.  

Canvas-PowerSchool Update - As of last Friday afternoon, PowerSchool is purported to have solved the issues that we have been experiencing since before school started.  Teachers are checking to make sure that the two platforms are communicating the way that they are supposed to, and I will send out an update by Wednesday this week.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

PST Corner - Our next meeting will be October 5, 2021 5pm via Zoom. I will post the link on the PST Facebook Page and sent out an email as it gets closer. Please also note all PST Meetings will be via Zoom until further notice. Thank You!        Sincerely,      Candi Kriebel, PST President

On the Calendar - 

We have a regular five day schedule again this week:  A, A, B, C, D

  • Monday, Sept. 20                             A Volleyball @ Clarkston, 7th Grade 4:30, 8th Grade to follow
  • Monday, Sept. 20                             B Volleyball @ Pullman, M1 v P1 - 4:30, M2 v P2 – 5:30
  • Wednesday, Sept. 22                     7/8 Football @ Sacajawea, 2 pm and 4 pm
  • Wednesday, Sept. 22                     A Volleyball v. Jenifer (Bear Den)  7th4:30, 8th to follow
  • Thursday, Sept. 23                           Cross country at Pullman Spartan Invite, 4 pm, Sunnyside Park
  • Friday, Sept. 24                                 6th Volleyball Scrimmage, 3:30 pm (Bear Den)
  • Friday, Sept. 24                                 B Volleyball Scrimmage, 4:30 pm (Bear Den)

Have a great week!

Bill Holman