Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 08/31/20

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 08/31/20

Dear Parents and Guardians:


We have been working very hard to balance schedules and finalize plans for our hybrid and online-only school start, scheduled for Monday, September 14.  As I send out these updates I will continue to target recent, frequently asked questions.  I appreciate your patience and understanding as we formulate plans that, not so long ago, we wouldn't have imagined.  Teachers came back into the schools last Wednesday, and I am very pleased at the commitment they have toward serving your children in the best way we can under these circumstances.  We have a lot to do in the next two weeks, but we are well on track.


Hybrid and Online-only Scheduling - The district has very recently published the general frameworks for the hybrid and online-only models we will be working with this fall:

MSD Hybrid Model - Final Version MSD Hybrid Instructional Model.pdf           MSD Online-only Model - Final Version MSD Online Instructional Model.pdf 

These documents are the work of many teachers, administrators, parents and other patrons.  They provide the guidance for what we then offer in our schools at each level.


At Moscow Middle School, students who experience the hybrid model come to school either on Mondays and Tuesdays (A group) or Thursdays and Fridays (B group), generally. The schedule is modified on the shortened weeks.  Here is the updated calendar for the year:  MSD 20-21 School Calendar AA-BB Schedule.pdf   They are enrolled in seven classes, with elective offerings just as they would have been had we been able to open fully in-person.  The daily schedule for the A and B days: MMS Daily Schedule Fall 20-21.docx   Students in the hybrid model will experience in-person instruction, support and interaction on their designated days of the week.  On the remaining three days, the students will interact with course content and activities through Canvas.  Teachers will be able to monitor student interaction with the content from a distance.  Note:  The non-contact days for hybrid students do not have a rigid schedule like the in-school days do.  Students are able to work at their own pace, on their own schedule during those days they are at home.  On the non-contact days students will spend the most time on the academic core classes.  We plan to cover all critical learning targets this year. The documents above provide additional information about anticipated time, etc., for both models.


Students in the online-only model will receive the same core content as students in the hybrid-only model.  They are required to take five classes, including math, English, science, social studies and physical education.  MMS teachers who have been assigned online-only sections will have certain periods of the day dedicated to those online students, 4 days a week.  The schedules that online students receive will indicate the times their teachers are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  The five core classes are scheduled at different times so that there are no conflicts each day.  Teachers will schedule a variety of activities during these times and will have periodic live sessions with the students.  Online students will be members of an online-only class in each subject rather than online only members of a hybrid class.  We are not able to offer our specific elective classes in the same way we offer the core classes in the online only model, unfortunately.  Please contact us if you have a child who would like to keep in touch with a particular elective area, however, and we will discuss those options with you.


Sixth Grade Orientations - As announced in an email sent out last Friday, we are offering tours to all of our incoming sixth graders this Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, from 11 - 3:20 p.m.  Please consult that email for more information.  We are hoping to have our sixth grade schedules finished by the time these tours take place so that students can locate their classrooms. The link for scheduling a tour is here:  If for some reason you are unable to join us on Wednesday or Thursday, please call the MMS office for alternate arrangements. 


Student Schedule and Chromebook Pickup -  On Tuesday, Sept. 8, we are scheduling opportunities for families to pick up a Chromebook if you need an extra device. Our hybrid students will be using Chromebooks at times while in school, so we do not have an unlimited amount of devices to loan.  We will try to accommodate all needs. We will have hard copies of student schedules available as well if you would like to pick those up in person.  This will be a 'curbside service' format.  I will send an email specific to this topic with instructions later this week. We can also provide student schedules and other information electronically or by mail, if necessary.  Stay tuned for more information.   


MMS Sports - Last Thursday, we sent an email describing sports options for the fall here at MMS.  Please consult that email for more information, and let me know if you have questions.  Note:  In RegisterMyAthlete, initially select Moscow High School, and then select the specific Moscow Middle School sport from the list of choices.  Thanks, everyone!


On the calendar:

Wednesday, Sept. 2                6th Grade tours, 11 am to 3:20 pm

Thursday, Sept. 3                    6th Grade tours, 11 am to 3:20 pm

Tuesday, Sept 8                      Chromebook, item handout

Monday, Sept 14                     First day for A group students

Monday, Sept. 14                    First day of fall sports practice

Thursday, Sept. 17                  First day for B group students

Tuesday, Sept. 29                   Picture Day, A group and scheduled online students

Thursday, Oct. 1                     Picture Day, B group and scheduled online students


Thanks again for your patience, support, questions and input. Have a great week!


Bill Holman