Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 05/08/23

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 05/08/23

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Our final round of progress reports, mid quarter 4, will be coming in the mail in the next few days.  We encourage all students with a grade or more that needs attention to take steps right away so that they can finish the year as strong as possible.  As a reminder, students need to pass 80% of their core classes to advance to the next grade level, and we want to minimize the need for summer remediation if at all possible.  Please contact us right away if you have any questions. As always, thank you for your assistance on your end!   

PST Corner: Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8 - May 12 - The Parent Support Team is sponsoring a Staff Appreciation Potluck on Wednesday, May 10, in honor of staff appreciation week.  Help us shower the MMS staff with delicious food in our final staff appreciation potluck on Wednesday, May 10, 2023!  Sign up at the link:   Thank you!  Jodi McClory, MMS PST

MMS CORE/Cub Pride lessons update:    This past Friday we did not have a CORE lesson. This week's lesson is about Honesty:  Honesty-and-Integrity-Course-1-The-Core-Project-Advisory-Curriculum.pdf  

This week in sports -  The MMS track and field team is heading to Pullman on Thursday, with a bus time at 1:45 pm.  This early bus time is made necessary because of a shortage of drivers on that day.  Because our track athletes are arriving at Lincoln Middle School so early, meet hosts will be starting the long jump event early.  The remaining events will begin as usual, with other field events starting at 3:45 and running events starting at 4 pm.  The meet will take place on the Lincoln Middle School track. 

Next week's BiState Track Meets, Important Notice - Our sixth grade track and field athletes will be travelling to Pullman next Tuesday, May 16, for the 6th Grade All BiState meet, scheduled to start at 3:30 pm.  On Wednesday, May 17, Moscow is hosting the All Bi-State 7th and 8th grade meet on Bear Field.  Important:  Students who are not involved in the meet will not be released from school to watch or hang out at the meet without parent supervision.  This is due to the fact that we are not able to manage a track meet, a school day and also manage and supervise students who are not involved in the meet.  If your child is not involved in track and field but would like to watch any part of the meet during the school day, please check them out in person and accompany them to the meet.  Thank you for your help with this critical management detail.   

More gifts of music -  The concert last Thursday was terrific!  On Tuesday, May 9, our orchestra students will be joining the high school orchestra program for a spring concert in the MHS auditorium, also at 7 pm.  Hope to see you there!  

Clubs and Activities - 

  • Mondays at lunches - Native American Club:  First Lunch, room 203, Second Lunch room 122.  
  • Mondays after school - D & D Cub, room 204
  • Mondays after school - Tech Club, Room 1 on Tuesdays during lunches - Speak Out, MPR Stage
  • Tuesdays during lunches - Travelling lunches:  First Lunch - room 212, Second Lunch - room 103
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:15 am - Jazz Band, Room 208 (music room)
  • Wednesdays during lunches - Beyblades Club, MMS Gym 
  • Wednesdays after school - Games Club, Room 204
  • Thursdays during first lunch - Tech Deck club, Room 214
  • Thursdays after school - Earth Club, Room 113
  • Thursdays after school - Knitting Club, Room 213

On the calendar -  We are on the normal A, A, B, C, D schedule this week. 

  • Tuesday, May 9                MHS/PHS Spring Orchestra Concert, 7 pm, MHS auditorium
  • Wednesday, May 10       PST Staff Potluck, lunchtime
  • Thursday, May 11            Track and Field at Pullman, 3:45 pm  (long jump will start early)  Bus - 1:45 pm
  • Tuesday, May 16              Track and Field: 6th Grade Bi-State Meet, Pullman 3:30 pm
  • Wednesday, May 17       Track and Field: 7/8 Grade Bi-State Meet, Moscow, 9 am

Have a great week!

Bill Holman