Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 05/03/20

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 05/03/20

Dear Parents and Guardians:

If you and your child have not yet entered registration information for the 2020-21 school year, please do so by tomorrow (Monday, May 4.)  I have included links to the appropriate information for each grade level:

8th graders entering 9th grade:  Greeting Class of 2024.docx 

7th graders entering 8th grade: 

6th graders entering 7th grade:

Thank you for your help with our preparations for next year.  Please contact us if you have questions.    

Distance Learning Documents for this week:

6th Grade:     PDF - 5_3_20 6th Grade Distance Learning.pdf      Word - 5_3_20 6th Grade Distance Learning.docx 

7th Grade:     PDF - 5_3_20 7th Grade Distance Learning.pdf      Word - 5_3_20 7th Grade Distance Learning.docx 

8th Grade:     PDF - 5_3_20 8th Grade Distance Learning.pdf      Word - 5_3_20 8th Grade Distance Learning.docx 

Have a great week!

Bill Holman