System Support

System Support consists of management activities that establish, maintain and enhance the total guidance and counseling program.

System Support Activities Include:

  • Professional Development: Counselors need to be involved regularly in updating their professional knowledge and skills. This may involve participating in school in-service trainings, attending professional conferences, or completing graduate course work.
  • Committee Service: Serving on school or community committees, or advisory boards.
  • Community Outreach: Activities designed to help counselors become more knowledgeable about community resources and referral agencies.
  • Program Management and Operations: Included are the planning and management tasks needed to support activities conducted in a comprehensive guidance and counseling program. This category also includes responsibilities that need to be fulfilled as a member of the school staff, including:
    • Attending and supervising at school events
    • Serving as advisors for student activities and clubs.
    • Lunch or hallway supervision
    • Attending staff and administrative meetings.