Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 04/19/21

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 04/19/21

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Idaho State ISAT Testing - We began state science testing this past Friday for 8th graders only in their science classes.  We will be testing all students in ELA and mathematics this week.  Students will be on an adjusted schedule for testing, and online-only students will be participating with their classes on this same adjusted schedule.  Please see the attachment:  MMS Daily ISAT schedule.pdf  Students who do not finish a test or students who have missed a test will have the opportunity to do makeups in the afternoons this week.    Online-only students will be testing in the afternoons on these upcoming Wednesdays.  

There is no specific studying to do prior to this testing.  We ask that students be well rested and we encourage them to relax (as much as possible) and just get ready to try their best.  We have prepared a document for the students and you, outlining some do's and don'ts for testing days, attached here:  Student Info for ISAT Testing.pdf   Importantly, students need to bring headphones or earbuds in case they wish to select to listen to verbal prompts when applicable.  We do have headphones and headsets with microphones available for students who have listed accommodations and for those who are not able to supply their own.  We are encouraging students to bring their own hearing equipment if possible, however. Please remind your child to bring headphones or earbuds for the sessions.  Thank you for your help and support!  Please contact us if you have questions. 

Teacher Office Hour Wednesdays -  We will be open for business every Wednesday until the week of Memorial Day, which is observed on Monday, May 31.  We encourage any student who would like extra assistance, or who would just like a quiet place to come and work, to join us.

MMS Track and Field -  Our next intramural meet is this Friday, April 23, with events beginning at 3:45 pm.  There has been progress on the bleacher project and I will keep you posted as the week goes on.  One way or another, we plan to create opportunity for families to watch from locations inside the fence if you wish.  I will give more information by Wednesday this week.  We are also working on a couple of virtual meet opportunities with other schools in our league.  Plans will hopefully be finalized by Wednesday as well.  Thanks again and stay tuned.  

MSD Summer Remediation planning - All of the schools in the Moscow School District are currently making plans for summer remediation (summer school) for students who have struggled and/or need some support before moving on to the next level(s).  All schools are planning on three in-person weeks (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings) in June and in August, with Moscow High School providing an additional week in August as well.  The model at MMS will be very flexible, giving students options to come in and/or work from home in the subjects of math, English, science and social studies.  All middle school students will have access to online resources to do some extra practice if they wish, even if they do not participate in summer school.  Transportation servicing all schools and brown bag lunches will be provided as well.  We will keep you posted as plans continue to come together.  

On the calendar -  

Friday, April 16                                  State Science Testing, 8th Grade Classrooms

Monday, April 19                              ISAT Testing begins (see schedule)

Wednesday, April 21                       Teacher Office Hours – 8:15 to 11:30 am

Wednesday, April 21                       Afternoon ISAT testing for online-only students

Friday, April 23                                  MMS Track Meet, round 2  3:45 start

Have a great week!

Bill Holman