Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 08/17/20

Mr. Holman's Weekly Parent Update 08/17/20

Dear Parents and Guardians of MMS Cubs:

Thank you very much for your input, questions, patience and understanding as we continue to prepare for the upcoming school year under these challenging and evolving conditions.  As Dr. Bailey's recent email indicated, Moscow High School and Moscow Middle School will not be playing interscholastic sports this fall.  This was a very difficult decision, determined to be in the best interests and safety of our student athletes.  Now that we have committed to an intramural style sports season, we are quickly making adjustments and well be notifying you by Wednesday this week what each of our programs will look like.  Please look for a dedicated sports related email at that time.

As you know, we are preparing for both online-only and hybrid forms of lesson delivery.  I have received many additional questions over the past several days as families are deciding the most appropriate model for them.  Many of these questions understandably are about school operations and the safety thereof.  As we work to finalize plans related to health and safety I offer the following information, summarizing answers to concerns that have been expressed:

  • Masks - With a very few exceptions in specific circumstances, all students, staff members and anyone else entering the schools are required to wear masks. Partitions, both fixed and moveable, are being utilized in the office, classrooms, lunchroom, etc. 
  • Social Distancing - The current general CDC guidelines advise that all individuals maintain a distance of six feet or more whenever possible.  Critically, we are working to create the reality that students and staff (while also wearing masks) are not within six feet of each other for periods longer than fifteen minutes. This guideline is helping us create procedures for arrival, hallway passage, lunchroom/playground procedures and classroom layout and routines.  Creating this type of distancing would not be possible if we were not implementing a modifies schedule like the AA BB model.
  • Hygiene and Sanitization - Students will have numerous opportunities to wash or sanitize hands throughout the day.  Procedures for sanitizing surfaces and objects as student groups come and go are also being created.  Our custodial staff will be sanitizing key areas in the building thoroughly and regularly. 

All of the above apply to a student's experience from the time they arrive at school (or get on a bus, if a bus rider) to when they leave.  We will be working to fine tune our processes and procedures at each school over the next couple of weeks to meet current guidelines. Several guidance documents have been uploaded to the school website with more to come as we continue our committee work and work in the schools.  

Please contact me right away if you have additional questions.  


Bill Holman